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It is a therapy that allows the gradual development of resilience to face complex moments or challenges of any kind. Resilience is the ability of people to overcome difficulties. It is possible to learn to generate this resilience when it is not naturally possessed. It is a systematic work to reformulate the beliefs that prevent progress, to identify the values that mobilize you, helps to reduce negative thinking and allows you to discover the motivations that stimulate the use of the strengths you possess.

Living from the perspective of emotional strengths allows you to reformulate the past from acceptance to create a present and future with hope, tranquility, better self-esteem, compassion and optimism. Helps reduce anxious and/or depressive states, excess negative thoughts to generate flourishing and improve quality of life.

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Positive psychotherapy helps to discover the degree of relevance of situations, resolve conflicts, reflect and find the emotional balance to face them wisely.  

What does it consist of?


What is achieved with this therapy?

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