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Your emotional health in good hands.

I am a specialist in Positive Psychology, a certified Life Coach in England and an organizational trainer since 2003.


I provide specialized therapy and coaching services to those who are facing difficult experiences in their life, insecurities, or want to move faster than if they did it alone. Studies, personal and professional experience show that it is possible to generate new behaviors and habits that improve life experience. This gives me the necessary confidence and security to continue supporting those who require relief, to find peace of mind to reformulate themselves in the direction of their desires and create a better life based on what works for each one and their environment. My passion is to see others progress and gain the necessary autonomy that allows them to decide for themselves with confidence y optimism.

During the years 2002 and 2004 I was the creator and director of a technical training organization "Valor Added". There were many interventions and since that time the orientation has been the same: knowledge and attitude as the best resources to generate new behaviors and opportunities.

Intervention Liceo José Francisco Vergara, Reñaca Chile (2004)

Communication assertive and conflict management to improve the life experience at the organizational and family level.

Intervention University of Valparaíso, Dental School 2004

Management and organization of training courses to stimulate employment in the commune of Reñaca, Chile

Courses   on fire prevention and dining services for the Reñaca Alto commune, 2004.

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