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Your goals are los mine

Seduced by the power of constructive emotions that participate in personal development, I started a program ofcombination nutritive and emotional to achieve that thepeople stop suffering for those extra kilos. Instead of concentrating on what is hard for them, lacking or not having, thefocus was on eating properlyaware and make sense of it. Marcela had excellent results by following the method and activating her best emotional strengths. All well-created diets work, but you need to awaken those emotions that helptake them  out and for life.Booking your individual or group hour.

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MONTSE (España)

Estoy muy agradecida a Lorena por su ayuda. Me ha dado herramientas para ver y comprender lo que me estaba condicionando y poder seguir avanzando en mi desarrollo personal. Es una gran profesional, de trato amable y cordial. Gracias de corazón, Lorena

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VERONICA (Francia)

Estoy muy agradecida por recordarme mi espiritualidad y por el apoyo psicológico durante todo este proceso que me dio el valor y las fuerzas para vivirlo. 




October 15, 2022

I have had an enriching presentation with influential women in Venezuelan society. I thank María Gabriela Hernández Del Castillo, Deputy of the National Assembly, President of the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Commission and Vice President of the Amazon Parliament for the valuable invitation to discover and reflect on happiness from the perspective of Positive Psychology . A subject that is very easy to talk about, but very complex to discover in times when the maelstrom of influences clouds thought, preventing us from discovering that it is closer and more achievable than we think.

October 05, 2022

Enthusiastic and interested participation of the students of Agricultural Engineering of the National University of Colombia. The theme developed was "Emotional Capital". The objective has been to deliver a cognitive and practical workshop to young people and to introduce them to the way in which the brain works in terms of emotions-reason. Through the understanding of this operation it is possible to understand the proper use of it to achieve your academic objectives.

Since August 18, every Thursday I have been dictating face-to-face and online, in English and Spanish, on the topic "6 Elements that lead to happiness" or "6 Elements to achieve Happiness". People of different nationalities and from different latitudes have participated. 




18 August 2022

Testimonials left by some of the attendees to the talk "6 elements that lead to happiness" on August 18.

"I learned to self-evaluate myself." 

"I realized at the stage of life in which I find myself."

"I realized that thoughts are neither negative nor positive", it all depends on the context.

"Happiness is a challenge and a lot depends on each one."

"Happiness can be worked and achieved"

"Money is not the essence of happiness"

"All emotions are useful. It is important to stay positive, they generate a wave of positivity (virtuous circle)."

"We have to allow ourselves to be sad, but not get stuck."


“The workshops seem excellent to me since they help us cope with the different difficulties that we face in times of the pandemic and the best thing is that they help us find the solution in ourselves by giving us a number of mental exercises capable of calming down our difficult moments. ”. (Karen, Teacher, Chile)

"THANK YOU Lorena for this workshop and the opportunity to grow in managing emotions." (Milagros, Caracas-Venezuela).

"J'ai eu l'occasion de participer à un atelier autour de l'uncertitude avec Lorena, c'est un atelier qui m'a permiso de garden conciencia des choses que je pouvais contrôler et de ce que je ne pouvais pas, mais Aussi de savoir accepter. Du coup cela permets de prendre du recul et de lâcher prize sur certaines situations comme celle que l'on vit actuellement par exemple. Ainsi nos décisions et actions sont plus saines et l'optimisme s'installe! Comme à chaque les tools donné par Lorena nous permettent d'avoir des cartes en mains pour mieux agir et être une meilleure version de nous-même ! A positive version! Merci Lorena pour cet atelier tu es géniale !!!!!!!!!" ( Nursel, Paris-France)

“I personally really liked the workshop and the methodologies that the teacher gave us (she was very professional). I also rescue how we are fine-tuning the tools to be able to stay connected. I think it is opportune and from what happens to us as a society to reinforce the sense of community as a pending task”. (SERVIU Bio-Bio, Chile).

“We have worked for so many years to strengthen our “sameness” and personalism at all levels that these crisis situations open up an opportunity to rethink ourselves as a community that must be rebuilt beyond individual convenience. I think that's where the focus should be from now on. Workshops to configure solidarity structures beyond the tangible, where we can envision a new way of cultural relations”. (SERVIU Bio-Bio, Chile). 

I was left with a very pleasant feeling. I feel that it is a good tool to carry out our goals. Greetings and I hope to continue generating knowledge from Positive Psychology. (Carolina Gomez, Chile)

The workshop given by Lorena seemed to me a very constructive experience in all areas of life, we were given substantial tools to carry out our goals in life! And always with good disposition and positivism. (Karen Fernández, teacher, Chile)

“I really liked today's activity to remember moments from the past that make you happy, they raise my spirits a lot and give me energy! Thank you very much.” (Luz, teacher, Chile)

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