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 10 Benefits of Positive Psychotherapy 

  1. Cushions the negative effects of stressful experiences of daily life and those that drag on from an unsuccessful past. 

  2. Reduces anxious and depressive states in different contexts such as chronic diseases or others.

  3. Increases the quality of life individually or as a couple.

  4. Develop self-esteem and learning to formulate effective goals.

  5. Promotes mental health and emotional well-being by strengthening the personal characteristics that allow one to flourish.

  6. Increases levels of life satisfaction and subjective happiness. 

  7. It favors work and/or academic performance.

  8. It has an impact on improving mental health.

  9. Allows the development of resilience to face adversity.

  10. It allows achievements such as achieving the right weight for anyone who faces the irremediable struggle to lose weight (see program "On Monday I start")


Any change requires the decision to consciously improve the current condition.

This implies modifying certain patterns of behavior that have become habits, such as the tendency to think negatively or thinking about the same thought over and over again. Then, an intentional focus must be made on what is to be achieved through self-reflection and awareness, which leads to the articulation of new behaviors and/or responses to the complexities (Gross, 2008).


During therapy, this effect is produced through emotional and cognitive activation that favors delivering more and better responses to difficulties. 

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